Concert in the Pope's Palace- Baroque Music in Avignon

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On October Saturday 28th at 8.30pm and on November Sunday 12th at 5Pm, the Great Chapel of the Popes' Palace hosts two exceptional concerts.

- October 28th at 8.30 pm : Concert of the duo Mescolanza - "Musica instrumentalis tactuum" - Music for keyboard 14th and 15th centuries France and Northern Italy.
With C. Alis Raurich and J. Ferrando: portable organs, clavicytherium.
This concert offers a panorama of keyboard music from the main sources such as the Faenza codex and the buxheimer orgelbuch organ.

- November 12th at 5 pm: Concert Ensemble De Caelis - "Douce Playsance" - Secular music in the days of the popes of Avignon.
With L. Brisset, artistic direction, singing, organetto; E. Nadau, C. Tarrit, Eugénie De Mey, singing; J. Ferrando, organetto, clavicytherium

On the program are works by: P. de Vitry, P. de Caserta, Senleches, Solage, Vaillant, ... coming from manuscripts of the second half of the 14th century, in particular the beautiful Codex Chantilly.
De Caelis is a set of voices of women a cappella. He interprets medieval works according to the original sources and associates them readily with contemporary pieces. The ensemble likes to bring about unusual encounters between the masters of the past and those of today by inscribing the old music in a living and creative process.

Place : Great Chapel of the Pope's Palace
Full price : 20 €
Reduce price : 16 €
Children under 18 years old /Students under 25 years old / Disable people : 8 €
Pass culture : 5 €

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