Provence, The Grand Tour

Provence, The Grand Tour

16 Oct. 31 Mar.

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Fecha: Miércoles 16 oct. 2019 - martes 31 mar. 2020

Provence Reservation The most complete and enjoyable tour in Provence !

Visit of Orange : panoramic tour to discover its Roman Arch of Triumph, symbol of the Roman imperialism glory, and visit of its Antic Theatre (entrance included) one of the most well-preserved theatre in the Roman Empire thanks to the stage wall. Wine tour through the vineyards between Orange and Châteauneuf-du-Pape and stop for panoramic view of the Rhône river valley from the Castle of Châteauneuf-du -Pape. Wine-tasting in a cellar in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. You will discover the history of this famous house, born in Châteauneuf-du-Pape 100 years ago. In a traditional shop, you will find a wide range of wines and provençal specialities. Free time for lunch on your own during the tour. Visit of the famous site le Pont du Gard dated from the first century and classified by UNESCO, the most amazing and well preserved part of the Roman acqueduct which supplied water to Nîmes. Les Baux de Provence, village located upon a rock at 245 meters high, with its historical pedestrian center : the museum of santons, the Hôtel des Porcelets, beautiful house of the 16th century, the St Vincent Church, pretty romanesque building... Gordes, perched village in Luberon, one of «the most beautiful villages in France», famous for the architecture with dry stones, photo stop only. Roussillon, one of «the most beautiful villages in France». famous for its red and yellow ochre cliffs, unusual natural landscape.

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