Wine Tasting Initiation

Wine Tasting Initiation

22 Oct. 29 Oct.

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Fecha: Martes 22 oct. 2019 - martes 29 oct. 2019

Provence Reservation Wine-tasting theory and techniques in a professional tasting room with a professional wine expert.

Your tour will start with a scenic drive to the foot of the Mont Ventoux through the vineyards of the Ventoux appellation. You will discover an outstanding wine estate and enjoy a guided tour of the cellar from the fermenting room (vatroom) with tanks to the bottling room. Practice wine-tasting (discover your 5 senses, the wine's aroma also called nose) and learn how to sample to improve your tasting ability and knowledge. To truly taste a wine, the guide will explain how you must recruit the nose to pick up the flavor scents and the tongue to help discern the tastes. You will taste 4/5 wines (1 white, 1 rosé and 2/3 red wines) and olive oil from the property. From April 1st 2019, after the tasting, a picnic will be served on the terrace of the chateau. (included) N.B. : Comfortable walking shoes recommended

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Tiempo Disponibilidad Lugar / arena Precio del boleto
22 Oct.
Martes 22 oct. 2019
en 9:30 - 14:30

25 Oct.
Viernes 25 oct. 2019
en 9:30 - 14:30

29 Oct.
Martes 29 oct. 2019
en 9:30 - 14:30