Visite du Pont d'Avignon

Date: Vendredi 5 juil. 2019 - mardi 31 déc. 2019

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  • "Mercure Hotel"

    jeudi 16 mai 2019

    "Service was excellent. Room and bathroom were small but excellent beds and large bathtub. I thought I lost my ring and desk clerk was very concerned and asked cleaning crew if ..."


"Mercure Hotel"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté jeudi 16 mai 2019

Service was excellent. Room and bathroom were small but excellent beds and large bathtub.

I thought I lost my ring and desk clerk was very concerned and asked cleaning crew if they had seen it. I later called to let them know I had found it.

Excellent service

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"Très intéressante "

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté jeudi 9 mai 2019

Je ne m’attendais pas de apprendre autant de chose sur la ville, le pont, l’histoire et la construction aussi! Très très intéressant et amusant!

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"organisation parfait"

4   Très bon, recommandé  Commenté lundi 6 mai 2019

J´ai visite le palace de Pape et le pont d`Avignon. Tout les deux activites m´a plait beaucoup.

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"guide audio"

4   Très bon, recommandé  Commenté mercredi 1 mai 2019

Quitte à demander une caution quand il s'agit d'enfants pour que les parents perçoivent toute l'attention qu'il faut porter au matériel prêté, mais nos enfants de 5 et 7 ans étaient ravis de les avoir autour du cou pour écouter aussi les commentaires et la fameuse musique.

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"Très bel endroit, plein d'histoire !"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté mercredi 1 mai 2019

Très bel endroit, plein d'histoire ! On en apprend plus sur ce pont légendaire !

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Cédric 69400

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté mardi 30 avr. 2019

C'est magnifique et historique. L'audioguide est complet sans être trop long. Et le film est très instructif.

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"Palais des Papes and Benezet Bridge"

4   Très bon, recommandé  Commenté dimanche 21 avr. 2019

Palais des Papes is one of the main attractions in Avignon. It is easy to book tickets directly with the tourism office online. They give you an ipad to do a tour of the palace, which is great as it allows you to see the rooms as they would have been furnished in the 1300s. The combined ticket with the Benazet Bridge (Pont d'Avignon) was good value. Signage between the palace exit and the bridge could be better.

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"tablet guide"

4   Très bon, recommandé  Commenté jeudi 18 avr. 2019

It's an interesting concept with the tablet guide. After some playing around I could handle it. But you should have translated all sections (pas grave pour moi). The historical explanation of the background have understandably a more french bias. The expression "schisma" occurred only once and for someone completely unaware of this age of two popes might mot fully grasp the situation at that time.

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"Well worth a visit "

4   Très bon, recommandé  Commenté vendredi 12 avr. 2019

Staff were good humoured, plenty of interesting information provided by the boards and the introductory video is also worth a look. The best view comes from the island across the water, not the bridge itself, but given the significance of the structure a visit should not be missed by anyone visiting the city for leisure purposes.

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"Avignon; do not miss it"

5   Excellent, recommandé  Commenté lundi 1 oct. 2018

Avignon exceed my expectations. Just arriving to the train station you cross the street and the walls of the old city to enter in a part of the history but also in a community that is nice with the tourist and willing to help. Beyond its historical places and beautiful gardens, I saw people enjoying the parks and public places, kids in parks, adults together on Sunday for singing or other artistic activities.

It is a city to discover walking through the narrow streets with the smell of lavender around you.

The Palace of Popes and its tablet with virtual reality is the best I ever saw to follow the history really understanding and having a fun day.

Do not miss visiting Avignon I am sure there is something for you.

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